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Gladstone’s Library – Time Lapse

It’s been a very busy month here in Hawarden. But my weather book’s almost finished and I have managed, in my spare time, to put together this time lapse video of Gladstone’s Library. I hope it captures the spirit of a special place. I wrote a post about this spirit on the offical GL website.

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Historically Miscellany #34 The Death of Anticipation [1743]

Here’s my first HM from Gladstone’s Library. The communication revolution of the last century or so has allowed us to discover news almost instantaneously, and so I’ve picked out the letter below from Horace Walpole, the long-serving, Whig prime minister as an example of something that could never be written today. It took three weeks […]

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(Very cheerfully) From Gladstone’s Library

A winter’s spun by, Somerset’s gone underwater, good old Tommy Finney’s died and so has Nelson Mandela, goodness knows how many Italian prime ministers there have been, the vanguard of the daffodils have burst out and the rest are well on their way. I’ve not managed a blog post in all that time as I’ve […]

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