Travels Through Time

A unique history podcast

Travels Through Time is an audio side project to my book writing. It started after a series of fortunate coincidences at Christmas time in 2018 and it has continued to grow in popularity, month after month, ever since. It is now established as a leading British history podcast, having had more than a million listeners.

The idea behind Travels Through Time is very simple. You find a historian or someone with a passion for the past and then you ask them the enticing question: ‘If you could travel back through time, which year would you like to visit?’ Once the guest has made their choice, then they guide us through that particular year in three telling scenes, before they return to the present day with a memento of their travels.

New episodes of Travels Through Time are released on Tuesday mornings (GMT). It’s always fascinating to see how different thinkers approach the past. We have interviewed eminent historians like Simon Schaffer, William Dalrymple and Diarmaid MacCulloch as well as international bestsellers like Robert Harris, Edward Rutherfurd, Ken Follett and Kate Mosse.

For those of you who would like to know more about Travels Through Time, there is nowhere better than our bright and beautiful website. Do check it out!

A couple of recent episodes are embedded below.

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