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Morning walk – Richmond Park

I never used to like the autumn months. The darkening nights, the weeping skies and dead leaves. I preferred the extremes of winter or summer and, best of all, the promise of spring. I knew what John Constable, the artist, meant when he wrote one November, ‘I want to get back to my easel in […]

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Historical Miscellany #33 – First description of a pineapple [1647]

I took a break from my weather books in the British Library on Wednesday and spent twenty minutes with Johnson’s The Gardiner’s Monthly from 1847 – a stern and scrupulous Victorian production. It included this early (apparently the first recorded) description of a pineapple: Annana pineas, the pinia, or pine thistle is a plant having […]

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Photograph: Mam Tor, High Peak

Taken at first light on the upper slopes of Mam Tor. I’ve wanted to try some bigger landscapes since seeing Salgado’s Genesis at the Natural History Museum in April.

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