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Historical Miscellany #11 – The beautiful women of England (1790)

Russian man of letters Nikolay Karamzin sets foot in England for the first time in the summer of 1790. The first thing he notices are the beautiful ladies. — Yes, my friends! England can be called a land of beauty, and the traveller who is not captivated by the youthful-looking Englishwoman, especially after coming from […]

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Orwell’s England Number Fifteen – The Best Pub in London

(To read about the project have a look at this page / Click on the image to see a detailed view) Subject: The Best Pub in London Location: The Prospect of Whitby in Wapping From his earliest published work in the late ‘20s Eric Blair had a powerful writing style – unfussy and precise, observant […]

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Historical Miscellany #10 – Nelson at Copenhagen (1801)

The moment Horatio Nelson turned his blind eye towards a signal to withdraw is one of the best known in British history. The episode happened during the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801 and was recorded just over a decade later by Robert Southey in his biography of the great admiral. ‘Nelson’s agitation had been extreme […]

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