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For sale: one slice of mystery/history

Here’s a little gem of Oddingley related news. Yesterday I found out that Church Farm, old prowling ground of my antagonist Captain Evans, is up for sale for a healthy £730,000. It is, to my mind, still the most beautiful farmhouse in the Oddingley village that I spent so long writing about: perhaps four hundred […]

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Gael Turnbull, Oddingley and being incurably curious

Around three decades before I first stepped into Oddingley parish in 2008, a local GP named Gael Turnbull did the very same. And for some years afterwards he walked the twisting country roads, he took snap shots of the Netherwood barn and the cottages that clung to the fringes of Church Lane, and he delved […]

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On the pursuit for Reverend Parker

From very early on in the writing of Damn His Blood I held a very strong picture of the murder scene in my imagination. There was this smouldering body crumpled on the meadow floor: the eyes wide open, still shining with panic, the arms sinking lifeless into the summer clover. These were the last ugly […]

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