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Book of the Week – some thoughts

When (in times to come) I try to remember the excitement of having a book published, I think I’ll fix my mind on that brief moment yesterday morning at 9.45: when the sun was tunnelling in through the windows for the first time in a fortnight, and my murder scene was read out on Radio […]

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Here’s a quick shot of the outside of Lutyens and Rubenstein’s cool indie bookshop in west London yesterday evening. Thereafter we all went inside and drank wine and cider (in a hidden room behind a sliding bookcase). An excellent night – thanks to all who came. Book published today.

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Gulliver’s Travels, keeping quiet and the damn’d book

Then One night in October 1726 a hackney coach clattered to a halt outside the home of London publisher Benjamin Motte. A man emerged from the carriage, wrapped on the knocker and then handed Motte a manuscript and letter. Then he turned away into the darkness and was gone. This was how one of my […]

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