Historical Miscellany #22 – Dream analysis [1909]

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Dreams have long been pondered over. Here is a little analysis from the Wordsworth Book of Dreams, 1909.


Cocktail: To drink a cocktail while dreaming denotes that you will deceive your friends as to your inclinations and enjoy the companionship of fast men and women while posing as a serious student and a staid home lover. For a women this dream portends fast living and an ignoring of moral and set rules

Coca Cola: For a woman to dream she is drinking Coca Cola signifies she will lose health and a chance for marrying a wealthy man by her abandonment to material delights.

Coffee: To dream of drinking coffee denotes the disapproval of friends towards your marriage intentions. If married, disagreements and frequent quarrels are implied.

To dream of dealing in coffee portends business failures. If selling, sure loss. Buying it, you may with ease regain your credit.

For a young woman to see or handle coffee she will be made a by-word if she is not discreet in her actions.

To dream of roasting coffee, for a young woman it denotes escape from evil by luckily marrying a stranger

To see ground coffee foretells successful struggles with adversity. Parched coffee reminds you of the evil intentions of a stranger.

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