Endeavour: the ship and the attitude that changed the world (2018)

An inventive biography of one of the most famous ships of all time – from the oak tree it was made from to its last voyage in the American War of Independence

The Weather Experiment: the pioneers who sought to see the future (2015)

The story of the meteorological enlightenment through a group biography of the people that mattered. Leading the cast of characters is Robert FitzRoy: sailor, scientist and inventor of the weather ‘forecast’.

Damn His Blood: being a true and detailed history of the most barbarous and inhumane murder at Oddingley (2012)

On Midsummer Day 1806 the Reverend George Parker of Oddingley is murdered in his glebe meadows. The suspect, a man wearing a long blue coat, vanishes soon after. It took a generation for this crime to be solved and when it did, it shocked a nation.