Damn His Blood (all change)

Stack of books

I’ve decided to move my blogging from Wordpress to this Posterous site. My Digital Notebook, my last website, was primarily set up to accompany my job as Online Content Editor and then Head of Publishing and Projects at a search agency in the West End. It has lasted for about a year and a half and I have used it as an intermittent store for my thoughts on new tools and trends, a bit of blue-sky thinking and for the occasional bit about new/old journalism and the publishing industry.

That job, though, is coming to an end. A few weeks ago I agreed a publishing deal and, for the time being, I have decided to leave the office to have a stab at writing full-time. The book in question is a reconstruction of a double murder in Georgian England. And being non-fiction, I have piles of books, stacks of court documents and bookshelves of folders to sift through.

I’ve enjoyed using Posterous for projects before. It might not have all the functionality of Wordpress but it feels much more flexible and attuned to briefer updates. The blog is going under the title Lost and Found.

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